QA Process Improvement

Absurd Support Costs?
Bugs escaping containment?
Nothing you’ve tried has helped?
You’re not alone.

Provaré consultants have decades of hard-won experience in all aspects of QA & development process & management as well as with the testing itself.

At Provaré, we’ve studied, experimented, analyzed, and modified development testing approaches and techniques for many years. We’ve made many mistakes, and we’ve learned from them. Much of what we’ve learned may seem counterintuitive, but we have learned what works best in each situation, for each kind of product, for each team composition and each technology.

We consider everything that can impact your quality – from where you get your requirements and how you prioritize them, to when and how you test, to how you incorporate feedback from sales and support. And since we have no tool or resources to sell you, you can rest assured that our recommendations will be objective.

There is a pretty good chance that we can help you get a better return on your QA investment. If you’re ready to truly improve your quality while lowering your QA costs, let’s talk.


Test automation tool manufacturers and low-cost QA staffing companies have steered many companies down the wrong path. They’ve persuaded many of us that the most efficient way to test is to write lots of very detailed scripts and to execute them in the cheapest way possible. Even regulatory bodies require that all of your tests are documented. This approach certainly drives the cost per test execution down. It seems perfectly reasonable. There’s only one minor problem with it…

It has the highest cost per important, reproducible bug found.

Bet you never heard that before, but it’s true. If you’ve fallen into this trap, it may explain your frustration. More scripts, more resources, more tests run. But your quality never improves.
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Proven Success

PointClear Solutions

In the process of addressing and resolving misunderstandings around quality assurance with their largest client, Provare was able to develop a QA process that PointClear can now use as a unique selling advantage with all new clients.

Large Food & Beverage Company

A very complex beverage delivery system was plagued with costly and embarrassing quality problems. In only 6 person-weeks of work, Provare was able to identify gaps and make actionable recommendations that ranged from product ownership to development practices to test automation to mix of personnel skillsets that would not only improve quality, but would reduce R&D costs in the process.