Connecting People & Processes with Critical Data & Documents

As your people are doing their jobs, do they know where to get the information they need? Is it safe and secure in a single central location – or is it on Jim’s hard drive – or on Jessie’s flash key? Have you ever seen a relay race where the baton gets dropped? They can run like mad, but they won’t be winning that race.

Most processes don’t break down in the “doing” of the work. Most processes break down when key information fails to get successfully passed from one person or team to the next. These breakdowns and delays can happen whether information is to be handed over directly from person to person or is stored and retrieved.

Provaré understands the importance of integrating both systems and data considerations into the processes that we develop for our clients. Rather than assuming that you know every piece of information that needs to pass from person to person, or where that information can be found, we can help you define those things as an integral part of the process that we’ll develop together.

We can even help you develop metrics and reports, including executive dashboards, to track the availability and completeness of critical data.

If your current processes don’t consider your data you may want to get help from a team that knows how to do both:  Provaré.