Work Assignment & Business Process Management

When teams are relatively small and collocated, email, voice mail, and instant messaging can be all you need to manage the flow of work and data. But what if your teams are spread all over the country – or world? Or what if one of your critical team members goes on extended leave?

A workflow management or BPM tool can be the perfect solution to managing large geographically diverse teams through complex processes. But these tools are not simple – and they all require extensive customization to your process. The tool vendors know how their tools work – and how to customize them. But they don’t know your processes, or your needs. And, they probably don’t have the expertise (or the inclination) to understand you completely.

These tools aren’t inexpensive, either. Do you have the budget to make a mistake and then start over? Would your boss let you, even if you do have the money?

Provaré data management specialists can combine detailed knowledge of your process and data flows with our knowledge of all of the available BPM solutions to help you choose the best solution. We can then customize it so that it speeds up your projects, saving you valuable time and money.

Provaré can help you get the right automated solution for your business.