Embedded Systems Testing

Are you tired of wasting money and time trying to teach application testers how to work with your embedded software? Have you tried hiring test contractors only to find out that they don’t know the tools and techniques needed to do embedded testing?

At Provaré, we’re not merely testers – we’re test engineers with years of experience testing embedded devices in a multitude of industries. From key fobs to microwave ovens, from automatic transmissions to thermostats, or even IP network or telephony hardware, Provaré engineers can quickly and efficiently test your embedded devices.

Whether your testing demands the use of a simulator, an emulator, a command line interface, or manually using a prototype – whatever the challenge – we have experience with the specialized equipment needed to test throughput, at any layer, using any protocol.

You may have plenty of time and money. You may have very patient customers who are OK with waiting for your products. But if not, let’s talk and see if the embedded test experts at Provaré can help you.