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Building Guest Loyalty with Better Mobile Apps – Lodging Magazine

It’s no secret that mobile apps offer a bright future for hotel chains interested in building loyalty with their guests. This is especially true as millennials, the most technologically astute generation in history, move into their prime spending years and reshape the economy to their tastes. In fact, a survey from J.D. Power says that… Read more »

Provare Technology Rolls Out Full-Service Web Hosting

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “No Surprise” Fixed Pricing, Plus Guaranteed Consistent User Experience and Feature Performance ALPHARETTA, Ga. (March 1, 2018) – Provaré Technology, an industry leader in driving productivity and quality through web services and SaaS applications, has introduced full-service Web Hosting with “no surprise” pricing plus a slate of guarantees to assure consistent user… Read more »

Using The Cloud To Drive Doctor Productivity And Patient Engagement – Health IT Outcomes

Health organizations are slowly wading into the cloud, drawn by the financial and business advantages and a growing sense that HIPPA and security concerns are being addressed. These are big questions that have to be addressed before investing the time and treasure into shifting to a cloud-based system. But for health organizations that have already… Read more »

Three steps to a cloud‑optimal e‑commerce site – Digital Commerce 360

Retail websites are complex. Retailers that move their sites to the cloud without optimizing applications and architecture miss out on ways to increase speed and cut costs. It’s no secret that slow websites kill sales. Desktop or smartphone, it doesn’t matter. All of your visitors expect fast page loads, just like the biggest and most… Read more »

Provaré Technology Introduces Online Knowledge Center

Alpharetta, Georgia, October 24, 2016 – Provaré Technology today officially announces a new Knowledge Center section of its web site. The new Knowledge Center will serve as a single access point for helpful tips, videos, white papers, and similar material that the company has accumulated over its 12+ year history of helping its clients produce… Read more »

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