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Provare Technology Rolls Out Full-Service Web Hosting


“No Surprise” Fixed Pricing, Plus Guaranteed Consistent User Experience and Feature Performance

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (March 1, 2018) – Provaré Technology, an industry leader in driving productivity and quality through web services and SaaS applications, has introduced full-service Web Hosting with “no surprise” pricing plus a slate of guarantees to assure consistent user experience and feature performance.

The fixed pricing program, named Provaré Ops, is aimed at the industry practice of charging for elastic scalability for cloud storage. Provaré’s program understands that traffic spikes and other capacity surges will happen and clients shouldn’t be charged extra for short-term fluctuations in demand.

“Nothing irritates more than unexpected cloud hosting charges,” said Bill Tepper, Provaré Technology’s CEO and Founder. “We can eliminate the surprise by attacking the root cause through a dedicated program of capacity testing and optimization, backed by 24/7 monitoring. If we can’t contain a capacity issue before it happens, then we’ll be responsible for the extra cost.”

Pricing is based on the typical storage demands of a customer and also considers the complexity and frequency of new releases. Each new release needs to be tested and optimized before it is deployed.

Provaré Ops’ full-service web hosting service is designed to suit the needs of companies that offer interactive media, such as news sites, or rely on database solutions, e-learning or e-commerce as an important part of their interaction with their customers.

“Most websites, databases and cloud-based applications can be made faster and more reliable through testing and optimization that leads to simpler, more efficient software,” said Tepper, who has led testing efforts for mission critical software in everything from websites to aircraft avionics. “By optimizing the site’s features from the start, testing before deployment, and layering in constant monitoring, the user experience always stays good. It doesn’t matter how much traffic shows up.”

24/7 Monitoring By a Dedicated Operations Team Delivers Peace of Mind

While most hosts offer basic support services, web site owners often need to have their own operations team to manage and monitor the site. Provaré Ops’ service includes 24/7 monitoring, backed by a team of architects and engineers prepared to work around the clock to keep the site running at peak efficiency.

“Whether you’re the first person on the website, or the 10,000th, our approach to optimization makes them more efficient and more scalable so that every user gets the same experience,” said Bill Tepper. “Our customers can spend less time worrying about their websites and more time focusing on their business, driving sales and satisfying their customers.”

Going beyond a traditional focus on uptime guarantees, Provaré Ops’ Performance-based Service Level Agreements assure a consistent user experience and feature performance such as smooth video playback or e-commerce transaction speed. Coupled with 24/7 live monitoring, the Provaré Ops web hosting service protects the user experience against traffic spikes, capacity problems or other issues.

As part of the Performance-based SLA, Provaré will test, optimize, containerize, deploy, and provide 24/7 monitoring for a fixed “no surprise” pricing based on server requirements.

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