Agile development methodologies improved the reliability and predictability of software development efforts, resulting in releasable software every 2 to 4 weeks – a vast improvement over waterfall’s often-missed 3 to 18 month timelines. But even 2 weeks can be too slow for the cloud. So DevOps turned continuous integration into continuous delivery and build automation into rapid release and deployment.

With DevOps 2.0, we began to architect applications and services specifically to be rapidly deployable and monitorable. Now immutable architectures, microservices, and service-oriented architectures are the new normal.

But at Provaré, we’re already pressing on to DevOps 3.0™. In DevOps 3.0™, we leverage the data captured by the tool chain and use it as a strategic driver for your business. So rather than being bolt-ons, security, marketing automation, and big data analytics build real-time business intelligence into the very fabric of your business and applications, securely and reliably.

Provaré can meet you where you are with a full complement of business-transforming DevOps services.

Consulting Services

  • DevOps Transformation
    • Coaching
    • Execution
    • Tool Evaluations & Recommendations
  • Assessments of
    • DevOps Readiness
    • IT, Digital, or Business Transformation Readiness
  • Continuous Improvement of
  • Innovation Labs – 5-day intensives where business, marketing, development, and ops collaborate to create and deploy new applications, services, or features in real time.

Technical Services

  • Agile Coaching, Tools, & Development
  • DevOps Automation, Implementation, & Monitoring
    • On-premise or Cloud-based
    • Data Analysis and feedback
    • Business-level SLA after performance test
  • Migration Services
    • Linux based systems to the Cloud
    • Windows based old .NET into latest .NET Core
    • Custom international hosting with fixed-price performance-based SLAs
    • Micro-transformation of critical components from legacy to cloud-native
  • Other Services
    • Evolution to service oriented architecture (SOA)
    • Transaction Management with full logging
    • CDN Service
    • DevOps resources

We start by working with you to understand your goals and to establish success criteria that can be traced throughout the transformation process. Industry specialists assess your current capabilities and develop a transformation roadmap. Then, we perform organizational, process and tool evaluations and make recommendations, which we can then implement incrementally without disrupting your existing operations.

At every step of the way, you’ll see tangible progress and actionable data.