Six Sigma

You’ve probably heard of Six Sigma. Maybe your boss, your board, or another consultant is pressuring you to look into it …and you probably should. But wouldn’t you feel more comfortable getting advice from people whose knowledge goes far beyond just Six Sigma?

Most of our process engineers have MBAs and Six Sigma black belt certifications. But there is never any justification to drop an entire cookie cutter system on your organization like a piano out of a high rise.

Of course we know the Six Sigma techniques and tools. And we can advise you when it makes sense to apply them to your unique situation. But just as importantly, we’re happy to tell you when it doesn’t make sense.

If you’d like to learn about Six Sigma and how implementing some (or all) of it can improve your quality and productivity, give us a call. You can rest assured that the solution we recommend will be custom tailored to get you the biggest bang for your buck.

Contact Provaré to get process improvement customized for your needs – with Six Sigma if you need it.

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