New Process Training & Roll-Out

What good is the best theoretical process in the world if your people don’t follow it? Not much. Yet that is exactly where many process consultants will leave you:  Holding the training bag yourself.

One of the most important elements of a process improvement initiative is getting the troops on board. And yet this is the place where most such initiatives fail. They’re good seeds. They just never take root because the soil isn’t prepared …or they’re never planted at all …or nobody thinks to water & weed them.

Wouldn’t you sleep better knowing that once you’ve paid good money to develop a new process, your people will follow it?

When we document or develop a process for you, we stand ready to help you make sure that it gets rolled out and followed. But we go beyond boring training classes. We develop processes that will make your life and your people’s lives better – and we mean to see it happen.

You can count on Provaré to make sure that your new processes are actually followed.