Document Collection, Storage & Retrieval

In your business, are there any documents that are critical to your success? Do different people on different teams need to share them? Where are they? On a shared network drive? Or worse yet, on someone’s PC or flash key? When you finally find the document you need, how do you know it’s the most recent version? If one of these documents mysteriously disappeared, would that be a bad thing?

You may need a more formal document management solution. There are several off-the-shelf solutions out there. Their features and prices vary significantly – as do their administrative burdens and usability.

With help from Provaré, you can choose the best, most cost effective document management solution for your unique needs. We don’t sell a document repository system and we don’t partner with anyone who does. Instead, we make it our mission to know the strengths and weaknesses of all of the available solutions so that we can help you choose the right one for you.

Once you’ve made a choice, we can help you install and adapt it to how your team uses it. As an immediate result, every member of your team will always know where to find the information he or she needs to do a job. You’ll know who made the last change to a document and why. And you’ll always know that you have the most current revision of any document or file.

Call us and let’s make sure your people aren’t wasting time looking for documents that should be at their fingertips.