Head-to-Head Lab & Reliability Assessments

When reviewing a proposal, how do you know that the promised interoperability is really what you need? How hard is the product to configure and use? How reliable is it?

Of course you check references . But have your vendors ever given you name of a reference that didn’t like their products? Many vendors even offer to conduct lab trials or field trials of their products, but how can you trust the results if they perform the trials?

Once you have a short list of proposals in response to your RFP, Provaré can help you design and conduct objective, 3rd party trials of candidate offerings. This may be the only way that you’ll ever get any objective measure of the suitability of the proposed solutions.

If you’re going to spend several million dollars on technology to support your next service rollout, you deserve an objective comparison of the available solutions.

You deserve the independent and objective assessment Provaré can give you.