Telecom Strategies That Lead Instead of React

Drive value, innovation and productivity for your organization by creating a vision for the future, rather than reacting to it.

Telecom is no different than any other technology. What you buy today will be improved upon in six months, and antiquated in eighteen. Provaré helps organizations build a telecom strategy that anticipates disruption.

The secret to a successful telecom strategy lies in your upfront planning processes. Lack of processes can result in installation failures, implementation cost overruns, and customer churn. We help clients design and implement technology solutions across organizational lines.

  • Provaré will help you build an actionable telecom strategy that is customized for the unique needs of your organization and customers.
  • Then we can help you build strategic process maps that keep up with all the moving parts. This allows you to plan for your system to adapt as components improve.
  • We can then develop implementation plans and strategies that anticipate how your business works.

The end result will be a set of telecom tools and services with room to grow and evolve.

Provaré helps clients improve competitiveness and efficiency through strategic planning and implementation. We cut our teeth on customers like AT&T, Cingular Wireless, NSORO, Cisco, TowerSource and EMS. Contact us and let us explain how we can help.

How we can help

  • Build a technology roadmap that anticipates evolution
  • Identify the unique business requirements of your organization and find solutions
  • Develop implementation plans that work with your business rather than against it

Proven Success


“There are a lot of consulting teams in the world who are confident in what they know. There are not a lot who actively seek to find what they don’t know and strive to fill those knowledge gaps. The Provaré team is made up of smart, curious, responsive people who can move smoothly between the big picture and the tiny details. It’s refreshing to work with business professionals who strive to understand the ‘why’ as much as the ‘what.’”

– Mike Stephens, Director of Advanced Technical Support, AT&T


Responsible for the construction of cell towers, NSORO was experiencing business process issues that were putting strain on their relationship with their largest customer, impacting revenue collection. We identified that all their issues stemmed from a lack of standardization across their regional offices. We were able to align their processes to the customer’s requirements, improving the relationship and revenue collection.