Consistent growth requires continuous innovation, agility, and operational excellence.

DevOps 3.0™ is the future of DevOps. It will be truly transformative. Haven’t heard of it? No worries. You can still jump aboard. But first, let’s review a little DevOps history…

Agile development is great. Reliable demos of working software every 2 weeks is a dramatic improvement over waterfall. But just as agile development was exciting and responsive for downloadable apps and software, cloud-based apps and SaaS spawned DevOps which took release, deployment, and operations to a whole new level, along with the need for further automation and monitoring

And still the world of DevOps presses forward. DevOps 1.0 addressed the needs of the cloud with developer enablement and seamless transition into operational excellence. The DevOps tool chain allows you to automate most of the development and operations process, closing the loop to make your release planning much more responsive and efficient.

In today’s DevOps, which we’ll call DevOps 2.0, much more weight is given to nonfunctional requirements in the architecture and design of the applications and services themselves. Apps and microservices are written to be rapidly deployable, maintainable, and monitorable. Stateful design is reduced or eliminated, giving rise to immutable architecture and taking increasing advantage of service-oriented architectures.

But at Provaré, we’re always pushing the envelope. That’s why we’re pressing forward to DevOps 3.0™.

In DevOps 3.0™, security, marketing automation, and big data analytics are part of the architecture from the beginning. No longer are they separate considerations, bolt-ons, or opportunistic post-processes. They are fully integrated into the DevOps process. As we said above, DevOps 3.0™ apps and services are secure by design and give you valuable business intelligence in real time. All connected. All transparent. All the time.

Wherever you are on this journey, we can help. Want more reliable release dates? We got you covered. Want to reduce your ops costs by 30 to 50% over the next 2 years? Consider it done. Want to move to an immutable and/or service oriented architecture? We’ll get you there. Need to migrate your app to the cloud? Or to go international? We do it every day.

Every business transformation story is unique. And they’re all exciting. We’d love to hear more about yours.

How we can help

Consulting Services

  • Agile coaching
  • DevOps Transformation
  • Assessments of DevOps, IT, Digital, or Business Transformation Readiness
  • Continuous Improvement of Processes
  • Innovation Labs

Technical Services

  • Agile Tools & Development
  • Test, build, & release automation
  • CI/CD and TDD
  • Ops Automation, Implementation, & Monitoring
  • Migration Services
  • Full-service hosting & ops with business-level agreements

Proven Success

Duke Energy

Duke Energy – Conducted a complete assessment of DevOps capabilities, developed and implemented DevOps and full traceability to enable innovation and growth. Automation accelerated time-to-market and delivered features to automate the workforce and improve safety.


Ginja is a rising star in food service delivery in Bangkok that receives thousands of food orders every day. They needed their website to be fast, responsive, and reliable enough to handle demand spikes at meal times. We evaluated and implemented their system. We then setup servers within the same geographical area of target users, providing them with the ideal access experience. In addition, we conducted capacity tests to ensure the servers can handle the daily spikes, and provide backup and monitoring service.