eCommerce Technology that Keeps Ahead
of Demand

Drive higher revenue through better online customer experience. We help companies navigate and leverage online environments to get their products to customers better and faster than the competition.

Most retailers – even brick-and-mortar establishments – recognize the need to sell and distribute products online directly to customers. Your online strategy can make or break you, and the diversification of devices and platforms means you need an omni-channel sales model and responsive online presence. Competition from online behemoths like Amazon puts pressure on bottom lines, and lack of internal I.T. capacity forces companies to outsource development.

Provaré helps organizations build and implement eCommerce strategies, plans, QA and implementation processes that keep them competitive for the least amount of investment possible. Our customers are typically

  • Companies that need to sell via multiple channels;
  • Companies that have to outsource eCommerce because of internal I.T. constraints;
  • Companies who need to keep up with changing customer interface requirements; and
  • Companies where the cost of a customer service failure is simply too high.

These companies are caught in a squeeze-play between giant online retailers who can invest in eCommerce and mobile device manufacturers who are continually creating new ways to reach the customer.

Provaré helps clients build and implement eCommerce strategies that keep them competitive without requiring massive internal investment. We’ve helped companies like Herff Jones, National Systems Corporation, Split Season Tickets and WizeHive all improve customer experience and reduce costs. Contact us and let us explain how we can help.

eCommerce Strategy

There’s often a compelling reason for companies to outsource eCommerce: it’s cheaper and easier to pay others to stay abreast of technology changes.

However, smart companies recognize that they own the relationship with their customer, and that they are responsible for the quality of the customer’s experience. That’s something that cannot be outsourced. We help you build strategies and processes that find and fix problems before they reach the customer.
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How we can help

  • Better performance, load and user acceptance testing
  • Customer experience testing to ensure they are getting what you and they expect
  • Better automated inventory management strategies
  • Better end-of-life technology planning

Proven Success

Herff Jones

Working with Herff Jones on both their Order Management and Scholastic eCommerce platforms, we have managed test plan development, RTMs, test execution and bug reporting that has delivered a great experience to their customers since 2008.


NSC retained us to test a proprietary malware protection product. For the two-year life span of the product, we set up tests and located malicious websites to use as infectors. Because of our work, they were able to ship a consistently reliable product to customers.