Remove Obstacles to Increase Profits & Productivity

Drive additional value and efficiencies. We have a proven approach for identifying and improving processes across an organization.

Provaré helps organizations document and improve business processes to drive additional value and increase margins. We also help our clients design, implement, and improve their Quality Assurance practices. Our enterprise customers are typically

  • Organizations that are not achieving synergies they expected;
  • Organizations that are not meeting deadlines or achieving deliverables, and are having trouble explaining why;
  • Organizations experiencing sudden increases in customer complaints or defections and are having trouble explaining why; or
  • Organizations that have invested in new tools or processes, but are struggling with adoption.

What’s worse for these organizations, adding manpower is not solving the problem.

Provaré helps clients increase efficiencies and margins by examining business processes, data management, and quality assurance practices in a holistic manner to institute best practices. We’ve helped customers like AT&T, Cisco, Moen, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) and EMI do just that. Contact us and let us explain how we can help.

Technology Strategy

There’s a saying that goes “It’s hard to read the label from inside the bottle.” You have smart people working for you. If the answers were easy, they would have found them.

Our strategy for improvement lies in first mapping the existing processes and data flows and then looking for the best solutions. Because we are tool and process agnostic, we can usually see the bottlenecks that are not obvious from the inside.
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How we can help

  • Document your existing processes and goals
  • Differentiate process symptoms from actual problems
  • Identify, design and implement new solutions
  • And then, get out of your way.

Proven Success


“The Provaré team has the unique qualities of being smart and curious and responsive… all at the same time- and, at the same time, being people of the highest integrity. Seldom do I find all these virtues in people simultaneously. They are some of the most effective and valuable consultants I have ever worked with.”

– Mike Stephens, Director of RF Engineering, AT&T

EMI Music

Originally contracted by EMI to test a music delivery system, we soon found that a large volume of their customer complaints were tied to an outsourced developer. Working with the partner, we were able to create new testing and QA processes for EMI that immediately addressed the problem and improved product margins.