eLearning Strategies Keep You Ahead of the Learning Curve

Education is expensive, but usually worth it. Provaré ensures that you get the most for your dollar, and that students complete courses faster and more effectively.

eLearning technology is evolving quickly. Technology innovation is challenging enough, but these systems are typically new, complex, and almost always have highly customized installation requirements. Unanticipated mistakes can happen. Imagine shipping a product to the customer that works perfectly on Internet Explorer but is not compatible with Chrome or Safari. Expensive to fix, not to mention embarrassing when the client lets you know.

Ideally these systems should improve learning efficiency for the customer. That requires skillful application of planning, testing and quality assurance, three of Provaré’s core competencies.

We will work with your company to build and implement better testing processes on the back end, and better quality assurance processes on the front end. This combination reduces the number of bugs to begin with, and makes it faster, easier and less expensive to fix the bugs that do pop up. We can create better performance, load and user acceptance testing so that the product reaches the end customer ready for service.

Provaré knows how to apply our skillsets in combination for clients that need to create more effective eLearning environments for their customers and learners. U.C.L.A. Empowered Careers, Focus Learning, INPO and Vining-Hartness have all relied on us to make their eLearning systems more effective and reliable. Contact us and let us explain how we can help.

How we can help

  • Performance and load testing for highly complex, customized systems
  • User acceptance testing processes that measure outcomes as well as specification compliance
  • Quality Assurance processes across multiple devices and platforms

Proven Success


“At INPO, we use Provaré all the time for QA consulting, QA project plans, and testing of our courses and exams. I don’t want to say they walk on water, but I will say that I have yet to find a project they can’t tackle and deliver.”

– Warren Prince, INPO


Our customer had no real test automation or continuous integration system, meaning someone had to manually run “automated” tests. We built an environment in which automated tests lived and ran every time the build ran.  Additionally, continuous integration was built into the system that minimized the time between bug creation and a detection, which dramatically reduced the associated costs of the defect.