Our Values

We value Quality.

That’s why we chose this line of work. It’s also why we are so meticulous about the quality of our deliverables.

We value Reliability.

Again, that’s why we’re in this business. Reliability is a key element of quality. And it’s why we are so obsessed with meeting our deadlines and helping you meet yours. And it’s why we’ll never just tell you what you want to hear when we’re talking about what we can accomplish in a given amount of time or on a limited budget.

We value Value.

That’s why you’ll often hear us ask about your budget and about how you’ll know you’re getting a return on your investment with us. If you don’t know how, then we probably can’t know how. And if we can’t be sure, we’d rather not take your money.

It’s also why we are rarely your “cheapest” option. Anyone can offer cheap. We’d rather offer value.

We value Initiative, Drive, and Teamwork.

This is one reason that we’re employee-owned. Owners care more than “renters.” All of us are owners.

It’s also why our hiring standards are so high. Only after candidates have demonstrated through their actions that they are in the top 10% of engineers will they have earned a chance to join the Provaré team.

We value Objectivity.

That’s why we don’t partner with any tool vendors or developers – to eliminate any possibility of giving you biased advice.

We value Long Term Relationships.

That’s why we’ll never outsource any customer-facing function. It’s also why we hire full time employees and make them owners, striving to minimize the use of temporary staff or subcontractors.

It’s also why we are willing to be so flexible in our engagements. We feel no need to milk engagements for every penny. If we give you good value, we trust that you’ll come back.

We value Expertise.

That’s why we have kept our technical niche so small and is one of the reasons for our heavy emphasis on training and professional development.

It’s also why we don’t offer staffing services. We’re engineers. We know how to do engineering very very well. We’re not recruiters and have no desire to learn how to be.

We value Flexibility.

That’s why you’ll never have to make a long term commitment with Provaré. We’re there when you need us and gone when you don’t.

When you work with Provaré, you don’t have to think in integer numbers of people or quarters.  Let’s just talk about what you need done and when you need it.  Then we’ll do everything in our power to get you there.