Our Experience

Provaré focuses exclusively on offering quality and productivity services. But don’t mistake our narrow focus for limited experience. Because we focus only on quality and productivity, we can assist any industry that creates or uses enabling technology.

We’ve worked with companies in manufacturing – from electronic assemblies to individual components to medical devices. We’ve worked with professional certification groups, in telecommunications, in music, in educational software, in construction, in the nuclear power industry, and more. Don’t see your industry in this list? No worries. All that means is that we aren’t working for one of your competitors. And because we hire only the best and brightest, we come up to speed very quickly.

Yes, but can we help your team?

Well, we’ve worked with pure software teams in both waterfall and agile environments (although we confess to preferring the higher productivity of agile teams). We’ve worked with engineering teams and cross-functional teams. We helped an engineering director clarify and document his vision of how his 30-person team fits into a 300,000-person company. We’ve worked for one-man shops and Fortune 100 companies. Odds are we can work with you and your team just fine. If for some reason we can’t, we’ll be honest and tell you. Call us and let’s figure it out together.