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Provaré Technology to Provide Independent Verification and Validation of Innovative RTI Software

Alpharetta, GA, May 16, 2007 — Provaré Technology today annouced that it has signed a contract with the Vining-Hartness Company, LLC to provide software testing services for their Response-to-Intervention (RTI) software product line. Originally developed in the late 1970s as an alternative to then common discrepancy models for early identification of learning disabilities in young… Read more »

Provaré Technology and Exponent Group Announce Contract

Alpharetta, GA, January 3, 2007 — Florida-based Exponent Group Trust is trusting Provaré Technology with the independent testing and validation of its cutting edge (and, for now, very closely protected) new software. “Our software is far more advanced than the current technology and, therefore, we have to be very careful with who sees it before… Read more »

Provaré Technology to Test EMS Wireless Equipment

Alpharetta, GA, October 16, 2006 — Provaré Technology announced today the signing of a contract with local wireless equipment vendor, EMS Wireless, for test engineering services on one of their state-of-the-art repeater products. Although Provaré Technology and EMS Wireless have worked side by side in the past on projects for Cingular Wireless, this is the… Read more »

Provaré Technology Testing Excel Partnership’s Web Services

Alpharetta, GA, October 8, 2006 — Provaré Technology today announced the signing of a contract with EXCEL Partnership / SAI Global to provide software testing services for the training giant’s revised web registration portal. Eric Fettman of SAI Global initially contacted Provaré Technology to help with an elusive problem on their course registration web site…. Read more »

Provaré Technology Processes Ensure Data Integrity

Alpharetta, GA, October 1, 2006 — Provaré Technology announced today that it will be partnering with Cingular Wireless’s Southeast Region Network Operations to ensure the availability and integrity of Cingular’s key data both now and for years to come. “Some new databases and processes have been rolled out at a national level. Now the Regional… Read more »