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Herff Jones Engages Provaré Technology to Test InDesign Plug-Ins

Alpharetta, GA, September 10, 2007 — Provaré Technology today announced that it has signed a contract to provide software testing services to the Herff Jones Yearbook Division. Testing is to begin immediately on the 2008 versions of Herff Jones yearbook layout plug-ins for Adobe InDesign.

“This is a great opportunity for us,” says Bill Tepper, CEO of Provaré Technology. “This is our first contract to test publishing software. Each time we add a client in a new area of technology, it forces us to prove that we can deliver on our assertion that we can test any technology product. Not only that, but the schedule for this job is pretty tight, which means that most of our staff will have to pitch in to finish the testing on time. This is a challenge that is perfectly suited to our strengths.” The current plan is to have the initial round of testing completed in only one week from today, September 17.
As technology has become more ubiquitous not only in publishing, but in all areas of education and student life, yearbook tools have naturally made the same transition. IT Manager Mike Heneghan was recruited by Herff Jones in 2007 not only to see that they continue to lead this trend, but to ensure that they maintain their reputation for quality and ease of use as they expand their technology product line. Recognizing the benefits of expert, endependent testing, Heneghan began immediately to search for software testing service that he could trust.

Heneghan initially contacted Provaré only a few days ago. Says Heneghan, “when we decided that we needed an outside testing resource for our internally developed software, we found Provaré through a Google search and were impressed by their website. I was amazed when I received a call from co-founder Bill Tepper less than an hour after filling out the online info request. Bill immediately established credibility by asking the right questions about our products, answering my questions, and addressing my concerns about remote testing of our specialized software.”

Adding to the challenge posed by the tight deadlines, Provaré will complete all of the required testing without written requirements or test cases. “This is much more common than prospective customers might expect,” says Tepper, “…and it is not a problem at all. We believe that our greatest strengths are our expertise and our flexibility. Our expertise gives us the ability to dive in and start finding bugs within minutes of installing a new piece of software. Our flexibility means that we are willing to meet our customers wherever they are and to produce results without burdening them with additional documentation requirements.”

Asked whether this flexibility was a factor in his decision, Heneghan says that it was key, “Provaré agreed to take the time needed to learn our business and our software in order to test it, even without test scripts. Within a week we had a work plan and contract. Provaré has been a pleasant find for us.”
The new contract has no expiration date and allows Herff Jones to take advantage of any combination of Provaré services for the indefinite future.

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