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Provaré Technology to Test EMS Wireless Equipment

Alpharetta, GA, October 16, 2006 — Provaré Technology announced today the signing of a contract with local wireless equipment vendor, EMS Wireless, for test engineering services on one of their state-of-the-art repeater products. Although Provaré Technology and EMS Wireless have worked side by side in the past on projects for Cingular Wireless, this is the first time that Provaré has ever done any work directly for EMS.

“This agreement makes a lot of sense for both companies,” said Bill Tepper, CEO of Provaré Technology. “We already have a great working relationship with the folks at EMS and they know from their past experience with us that we know their product line and their market space very well. We’ll be able to help them make a great product even more solid and reliable.”

Although the particular product to be tested has already undergone extensive laboratory testing, EMS is very interested in having it tested in real-world situations, especially in stressful situations. So EMS has called on Provare’s expertise to design a thorough but economical “beta test” that will prove that their product is ready for large scale deployment.

Founded in 2004, Provaré Technology is a provider of a variety of services crucial to the development of technology products. Provaré’s offerings include software test engineering, configuration management (CM), process improvement, and vendor qualification services. Provaré staff members have decades of experience spanning all aspects of technology product development for space, defense, intelligence, telecom, wireless, point-of-sale, data warehousing, cable video, and internet access industries. For more information about products and services offered by Provaré Technology, please visit www.Provaré.com.
EMS Wireless is a division of EMS Technologies, Inc. Founded in 1968, EMS Technologies (NASDAQ: ELMG) is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of wireless, satellite and defense solutions, and focuses its unique range of advanced technologies on the needs of broadband and mobile information users. EMS Wireless provides the cellular and personal telecommunications markets with high quality antenna and transmission systems.

Bill Tepper, CEO
Provaré Technology
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Bill Mountain, Manager, Quality and BPI
EMS Wireless
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