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Provaré Technology to Analyze and Optimize Scientific Atlanta IPTV Build Environment

Alpharetta, GA, October 4, 2007 – Provaré Technology today announced that it has signed a contract with Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company (NASDAQ: CSCO) to analyze and recommend improvements to the IPTV embedded software build environment. The effort will be performed as a fixed-price service for an undisclosed price.

“We are very pleased that Scientific Atlanta came to Provare for help in this case,” said Bill Tepper, CEO of Provaré Technology. “Although this task is small relative to some of our larger software testing and process improvement efforts, it will challenge us to put our reputation on the line in the critical area of software configuration management. We welcome the challenge and look forward to demonstrating to Scientific Atlanta – and others – that we are not merely competent, but in fact have unequaled CM knowledge and skill.”

Scientific Atlanta has decades of experience in the development of cable television hardware and applications and established itself as the gold standard in these and related technologies many years ago. It maintains that reputation in 2008.

One of the great advantages of having so much experience in cable television is that the Scientific Atlanta IPTV engineering team has the designs and implementation details of dozens of previous products – both hardware and software – to build upon when they apply their innovative excellence to this exciting new product line. In the case of IPTV, this fact has allowed new prototypes to be implemented, tested, and demonstrated very quickly.

The other side of this double-edged sword is that the software (and therefore the build system) for the IPTV product line has been assembled from a variety of sources, old and new. And while the resulting build system is perfectly functional, it may not be as seamless or maintainable as it will need to be in order to take the IPTV product into large-scale production – or to meet Scientific-Atlanta’s industry-leading standards for reliability, maintainability, and cutting-edge development techniques.
The objective of this first task will be to analyze the current build environment, first to determine whether any changes are required, and then to make recommendations as to how best to retool it to meet the current and future needs of the IPTV product line. Provaré CM specialists will be considering not only the tools used and their current configuration but also the opportunities for the adoption of new tools and techniques that have only recently become reliable enough to be used in a commercial application of this size.

“I suspect that our new friends at Scientific Atlanta is going to be blown away by the tools and techniques that are available today,” says Tepper. “If any of the constituent parts of the IPTV software are older than a handful of years, then there are going to be some truly exciting opportunities here. Once the IPTV team sees how relatively straightforward and inexpensive it is in 2007 to add such capabilities as test-driven development and continuous integration, the question as to whether it is worthwhile to make the investment will be settled.”
The new contract has no expiration date and allows Scientific Atlanta to take advantage of any combination of Provaré services.

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