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Provaré Technology Processes Ensure Data Integrity

Alpharetta, GA, October 1, 2006 — Provaré Technology announced today that it will be partnering with Cingular Wireless’s Southeast Region Network Operations to ensure the availability and integrity of Cingular’s key data both now and for years to come.

“Some new databases and processes have been rolled out at a national level. Now the Regional team is looking for ways to improve and assure the integrity of the data in these databases,” says Sandi Tepper, co-founder of Provaré Technology. “We will help them make sure that the ways that data gets added and modified are predictable, reliable, and well understood by all involved. If we can help key personnel in the various markets in the region to understand how their existing activities interact with these new databases, then the data will be maintained almost automatically.”

Provaré Technology has had experience with these particular databases in their work with the Georgia RF Engineering team. At the direction of Ron Cates, Director of Network Operations in Georgia, Provaré Technology documented the changes to the RF Engineering processes required to incorporate the new databases and developed RACI matrices to ensure all of his groups understood their expected participation.

The initial effort will be limited to an 8-week timeframe. At the end of the eight weeks, the progress will be evaluated and further efforts will be planned for 2007. Both companies anticipate Provaré’s continued involvement through at least the first quarter of 2007 in order to get the processes running smoothly.

Founded in 2004, Provaré Technology is a provider of a variety of services crucial to the development of technology products. Provaré’s offerings include software test engineering, configuration management (CM), process improvement, and vendor qualification services. Provaré staff members have decades of experience spanning all aspects of technology product development for space, defense, intelligence, telecom, wireless, point-of-sale, data warehousing, cable video, and internet access industries. For more information about products and services offered by Provaré Technology, please visit www.Provaré.com.
Cingular Wireless is the largest wireless company in the United States, with more than 61 million subscribers who use the nation’s largest digital voice and data network. Cingular is dedicated to providing customers with wireless technology designed to enrich their lives.

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