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Provaré Technology Demonstrates the Value of Business Process Improvement for Non-Profit Organizations

Alpharetta, GA, December 15, 2015 – Provaré Technology, Inc. recently completed a comprehensive process mapping and improvement project for The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. This process map, which created a step-by-step planning guide for the Orchestra to use as it lays out each new season every year, demonstrates that good process is not restricted to technology and industry alone.

ASO-logo“We undertook this project for the ASO as a proof-of-concept,” says Bill Tepper, Provaré’s CEO. “Many individuals believe that process management is only for the production of good and services. We wanted to demonstrate that our process improvement skills can be brought to bear on anything, even something as esoteric as planning a season for one of America’s top arts institutions. I think we succeeded.”


Terry Neal, Interim CEO of The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Terry Neal, Interim CEO of The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, agrees. “Over my business career I have lived by the mantra ‘Hard on process… Easy on people,’” Neal recently observed. “In my previous corporate assignments I have always built staff internal process-mapping capabilities. However, when I accepted the assignment as Interim President of one of the nation’s major symphony orchestras, I quickly learned no one on staff had that capability.

“I knew we needed to improve our season planning process and had a rough vision for the end result, but none of our staff are process people, so none of them really knew where to start. Provaré came in and I was amazed at how quickly and professionally they took charge and got the process completely documented. The workflow chart that they created has significantly helped us improve our productivity. It is now on the wall in our main hallway where it will stay for everyone to refer to every season. “

The Orchestra plans to use to the process map as its road map for each season going forward. Neal says, “I can’t thank Sandi Tepper and Provaré enough for all of their help. I can say without hesitation that if your organization has a quality or productivity problem, you should absolutely call Provaré Technology. I know I will.”

Celebrating its 71st season, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra consistently affirms its position as one of America’s leading orchestras by performing great music, presenting great artists, educating and engaging. The orchestra is known for the excellence of its live performances, presentations, renowned choruses and its impressive list of GRAMMY® Award-winning recordings. A leading cultural organization in the Southeast, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra serves as the cornerstone for artistic development and music education in the region.

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