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Provaré Technology Chosen for Complex Scientific Software Testing

Alpharetta, GA, May 1, 2006 — Provaré Technology today announced that it has been chosen as the sole independent expert testing resource for a California based company that produces highly complex scientific modeling and analysis software. Due to our strict non-disclosure agreement with this client, we cannot be more specific about either the company or their product.

“We find that maybe 1 out of every 20 test engineers we try is actually capable of understanding our software enough to perform useful testing on it,” says the new client’s product manager. “Provaré Technology is that one capable and reliable resource we have been searching for. In our Agile development environment, we can’t afford to lose any time training testers who aren’t going to work out. Provaré has taken this worry off our plate. We know we can always count on them.”

“We are thrilled to be working with this company,” says Bill Tepper, CEO and founder of Provaré Technology. “They are in a very exciting and challenging workspace. This effort has given us the chance, once again, to prove the depth of our knowledge and our ability to partner with any type of organization to help them reach higher.”

The new contract has no expiration date and allows the software company to use Provaré services for just about any quality-related task. Based on early successes, both companies expect this to be a long term relationship.

Founded in 2004, Provaré Technology is a provider of a variety of services crucial to the development of technology products. Provaré’s offerings include software test engineering, configuration management (CM), process improvement, and vendor qualification services. Provaré staff members have decades of experience spanning all aspects of technology product development. For more information about products and services offered by Provaré Technology, please visit www.Provaré.com.

Bill Tepper, CEO
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